Focus on CEEMEA

Gryphon is a British merchant banking and advisory firm, operating since 1998 in the main emerging markets of Central & Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We work with a select group of clients on a long term basis to develop investment projects and acquisition programs.

Gryphon is principally active in the region's main emerging economies:

Country Population Age
PPP GDP 10 year Growth
Russia 142mn 27.5% $2,500bn +92%
Turkey 81mn 42.9% $1,142bn +140%
Iran 80mn 42.4% $987bn +92%
Poland 38mn 26.9% $814bn +98%
Egypt 85mn 50.3% $549bn +100%
Ukraine 45mn 26.0% $341bn +204%

Gryphon also has transaction expertise in the Balkans, Central Asia and the Gulf.

Gryphon Holdings Plc, the group's parent company, is owned by a syndicate of prominent European family offices.