Core Markets  

CEEMEA focus

Gryphon is geographically focused. We operate principally in the main economies of Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. These are Russia, Turkey, Iran, Poland, Egypt and the Ukraine. We occasionally undertake projects in the Balkans, the Gulf and Central Asia, when an exceptional economic opportunity arises.

Our core markets have an aggregate population of 470mn (or 94% of the EU) with an aggregate PPP GDP of $6,200bn (or 37% of the EU). Indices of private investment activity (e.g. M&A transaction volumes or private equity AUM) suggest a business volume around 3% to 5% of the EU, with many years of convergence-led growth in prospect.

To enable investors or project sponsors to benefit from business opportunities in the region, Gryphon uses its experience and local knowledge to manage risk and create successful investments. Emerging market investment success factors include local partner selection, awareness of governance limitations, valuation (where financial multiples are only one of many value criteria) and risk mitigation through transaction structuring.

Where a transaction or project requires financing, Gryphon has developed a proprietary database of over 700 financial and strategic equity investors, who are active in the region. Where operational input is the requirement, Gryphon actively manages a large network of executives, industrial experts and consultants with track record in the region.