Inbound Advisory  

Managing risk for inbound capital

Over the past two decades, Gryphon has accumulated an in-depth understanding of the strategic approaches most likely to produce a successful outcome. As a result, our clients avoid the typical pitfalls responsible for the high failure rate in M&A transactions in the region. This represents the most compelling reason why international financial sponsors and strategic investors choose to work with us.

On buy side or inbound assignments, we are usually advising on either specific transaction opportunities or on market entry strategies in general. Gryphon's principal contributions to the success of such assignments are:

  • Using our extensive and connected in-country networks, establishing whether the transaction is a real economic opportunity for the investor or a process aimed at achieving other objectives for the promoter, which is unlikely to lead to a completed transaction.
  • Advising on the likely evolution of the transaction process and, in competitive situations, developing a strategy that optimises the client's ability to close at a reasonable valuation.
  • Diligencing the investment offer being proposed by the seller and qualifying the assumptions underlying the proposed valuation through our local knowledge.
  • Developing concurrent dialogue with other similar businesses to enable a proper comparison of the transaction against alternative market entry opportunities.
  • Once the feasibility and realism of a transaction is established, undertaking the normal advisory activities of an M&A adviser, including structuring a transaction that mitigates risk.