Outbound Advisory  

Optimising outcomes for entrepreneurs

On sell side or outbound assignments, we work with selected entrepreneurs and private sector companies located in our region to access capital and find strategic partners. We also help to develop negotiating leverage for project sponsors in dealing with local financing providers in capital raising or restructurings. Advisory services to emerging markets based companies and entrepreneurs typically include:

  • Diligencing the proposed corporate transaction or project and assisting the promoter to construct a compelling investment offer that is likely to garner support from sources of capital. This period of transaction development will typically last between 3 months and several years.
  • Creating a credible financial model grounded in realistic and feasible assumptions that will stand up to scrutiny by sophisticated investors.
  • Using our proprietary valuation methodology (based on an analysis of over 500 transactions in the region) to score the investment proposition according to various non-financial criteria and advise on an achievable valuation.
  • Conducting negotiations with interested parties to complete the transaction.
  • Working with the client in the years following the transaction (except in the case of a 100% exit) to develop the business in partnership with the incoming investor, where necessary mediating disputes and providing a western perspective on issues arising.

Gryphon works with a number of in house experts and industry partners on transactions in sectors requiring a high level of technical understanding. These industry groups include mining, oil and gas, building materials, digital media, real estate and financial services.

We generally work on outbound assignments where we have an equity interest in the company or project and a longstanding relationship with the sponsor.